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What is Penetration Pricing? Pros, Cons & Examples

Penetration Vs Skimming Marketing Strategies

Many high-profile startups have used this strategy to disrupt industries and become today’s market leaders. When the same technology is used by other electronic companies in their product also then the price is reduced. Generally innovators use price skimming strategy to get reward for their research and development. This pricing strategy works most effectively when there is little product differentiation.

  • Besides, new entrants into the market may face up to the barriers that you create.
  • Penetration pricing refers to a pricing technique where a new product is introduced to the market at a low price to make market penetration easier.
  • The fund cannot guarantee that it will preserve the value of your investment at $1 per share.
  • This pricing strategy is generally used by new entrants into a market.
  • However, when it comes to automobiles, repairs can be expensive, so an extended warranty often pays for itself following one repair.
  • In both cases, you skim the market for a selective customer but you offer alternatives for more price-conscious clients.

However, after you have accomplished that, you can further convert customers and convince them to purchase more items. In the long run, the price must rise back to the normal levels so that your business can grow. However, your customers may feel dissatisfied and you may not retain them.

Penetration pricing and Skimming pricing

The idea behind bundling is to increase an organization’s revenues. They offered low prices to save the customers’ two days of waiting for their DVDs in the mail. In 2007, they introduced a streaming service, and after that, they have become popular. Low prices and easy accessibility can help attract customers away from Redbox. In the United States, 51% of streaming subscriptions belong to Netflix. If you sell a product or service at a low price, your customers will start to regret the higher previous payments for the same product or service somewhere else.

Penetration Vs Skimming Marketing Strategies

You can also offer free product samples or a free trial period for your services. The goal is to acquire new customers and keep them once the price returns to a standard level. When you use the skimming pricing method, you can cover your investment costs rapidly as you sell at the highest possible price. This results in high revenue and profit you might use to increase marketing efforts and distribution, boosting profit even more. While price skimming is best used with unique or new products, penetration is best used when the market is highly competitive and customers are usually quite loyal to their brand of choice. Apple has always followed the price skimming strategy when it comes to the lineup of its smartphone, i.e., the iPhone. Apple announces new iPhone models every year, and the prices of the newer iPhones are pretty high.

New Pricing Basics

Price skimming is a price setting strategy that a firm can employ when launching a product or service for the first time. It has become a relatively common practice for managers in new and growing market, introducing prices high and dropping them over time. Penetration pricing is a pricing strategy that is used to quickly gain market share by setting an initially low price to entice customers to purchase. This pricing strategy is generally used by new entrants into a market. An extreme form of penetration pricing is called predatory pricing.

While it increases its profit margin, the final price per unit still remains below the competitor’s price. On the other hand, skimming pricing achieves small sales due to the high pricing.

For example, a company might advertise a buy-one-get-one-free campaign to attract customers to a store or website. Once a purchase has been made; ideally, an email or contact list is created to follow-up and offer additional products or services to the new customers at a later date. Although this is criteria to be considered when setting an initial price it is strongly suggested for entrepreneurs to do have some estimate of these possible costs before starting a new venture. Conversely, the profit margin is high when price skimming is applied. Similarly, price skimming is a short-term revenue strategy, while price penetration is a long-term revenue strategy.

If the customers accept its pricing, it will generate high profits early on. The price skimming strategy offers a few discrete advantages and disadvantages to its users. A company using penetration pricing would also want to lower its cost of production.

What are the 6 comprehension strategies?

  • Making Connections.
  • Predicting.
  • Questioning.
  • Monitoring.
  • Visualising.
  • Summarising.

The purpose of a price penetration strategy is to tempt customers to try a new product and expand market share with the hope of retaining new customers once prices rise to normal levels. Examples of penetration pricing consist of an online news website offering one month free for a subscription-based service, or a bank offering a free checking account for six months. This marketing strategy helps businesses to attract customers to try a new product or service. More specifically, they build market share by offering a lower price when they first come to the market. The strategy will help them to attract new customers away from competitors and retain them when rates go up to normal levels afterward. Market penetration is useful in several particular market situations that make it another common choice for new product launches. The idea behind penetration pricing is that by offering a low initial market price you can attract a sizable customer base looking for a good deal.


Market penetration and market skimming price are well known terms in the field of finance and economics. Let’s understand the difference between market penetration and market skimming price. To adopt a skimming price strategy, there are certain conditions that have to be fulfilled. Firstly, the product should be one that is unique and introduces features for the first time in the market. Such product has no substitute in the market, and customers pay the high price because of the uniqueness of the product. Secondly, the company should be able to sustain its distinctiveness, i.e., product should not be copied easily by competitors. Finally, there should be a category of customers in the market who give value to the unique product and wish to be the first ones to buy it; hence, they pay a surplus or premium to acquire it.

  • Businesses selling products also have to keep a close eye on inventory levels and avoid oversupplying.
  • Penetrating strategy is very effective in the introduction phases of the product life cycle with no or little product differentiation.
  • Indeed, the margins can be slim, zero, or even negative during a penetration pricing campaign, which means that you could be burning profit during the campaign or experiencing a negative cash flow.
  • Well, if you are the later comer in the market, you should consider using the penetration pricing strategy.
  • The initial high cost builds their luxury brand reputation, and they “skim” price-sensitive customers from competitors over time as the price of the product slowly drops.

There are many differences between price penetration and price skimming; however, the main ones are outlined below. The company may lose consumer brand loyalty when the prices of the same product are lowered in the later stages. When the market competitors launch rival products with lower prices, the market leader can reduce its prices to match the competition. The seller may lose the market share again when prices are increased.

Scope and examples

You may also start with one offer and then add a higher quality product. In both cases, you skim the market for a selective customer but you offer alternatives for more price-conscious clients. The product’s price has little room for change—or inelasticity—in its early stages until the company finds a strong position for it in the market. Skimming allows you to generate profits despite low sales volume, thanks to a high price. Once the product secures a market position, sales volume may rise and allow the price to drop.

Netflix not only edged out many competitors but provided a whole new watching experience to viewers. Brand reputation can be hard to establish, and one disadvantage of penetration pricing is the risk of hurting that perception. Brands that are perceived as premium or luxury may be better served focusing on other strategies. The low price of a product launch can lead to shoppers associating that brand with low-cost or the dreaded “cheap” tag. There are several advantages to penetration pricing for brands if the market is right for this type of pricing strategy. Is a strategy firms use when consumers must buy a given product because they are at a certain event or location or they need a particular product because no substitutes will work.

  • If your initial price is low, and your product or service is of respective quality, other companies will carry the burden of justifying higher prices on similar deals.
  • This could be implemented using methods such as competitive pricing, increasing marketing communications, or utilizing reward systems such as loyalty points/discounts.
  • The high price is often fixed before other entrants get a share in the market.
  • It aims at maximizing the market share of the product, and once it is achieved, i.e. when the demand picks up, the firm can increase the price of the product.
  • On the other hand, skimming pricing achieves small sales due to the high pricing.

Companies sometimes use penetration pricing in combination with efforts to minimize costs on products and supplies. By offering a low market price and creating significant sales volume, you can order more products at once from distributors, often resulting in bulk discounts. This enables you to maintain reasonable profit even with low market prices. Skimming is more about operating with a high upfront price point that creates significant profit margin regardless of your cost basis.

New product offered by the firm is already provided by other well-established brands. The low price will lure customers to switch to the new product, who are already familiar with other brands. Skimming leaves an opportunity for competitors to undercut your prices and try to attract your customers. Therefore, a high-quality product is essential to maintain your value-oriented customers’ interest. Baremetrics is the obvious choice for SaaS businesses seeking to better track their revenue while making major pricing strategy changes.

Revenue Maximization vs. Profit Maximization

However, skimming pricing is used when the product demand is inelastic. A brand is introducing a new product in the market that is also provided by other brands. A car manufacturer releases an eight-cylinder luxurious SUV with various innovative features that no other car currently on the market offers. The manufacturer anticipates demand may be high during the first year as early adopters and quality lovers are eager to buy the newest SUV model as soon as it gets on the market. A year later, the car company releases another model resembling the high-end one. You already have a large market share and the ability to sell high volumes of products. The manufacturer could develop negative publicity if they lower the price too fast and without significant product changes.

Penetration Vs Skimming Marketing Strategies

The pricing strategy in which high markup is charged for the new product, leading to the high price, so as to skim the cream from the market, is known as Skimming Pricing. It entails fixing a high price for the new product before other competitors step into the market.

Also, the demand for organic, or natural, foods is growing significantly faster than the market for non-organic groceries. Price skimming is setting high prices of products/services to capture high profits in the beginning. Once a low price is set, the product is launched in the market with to drive big sales up front. The low profit margin is compensated by high volume sales initially. Skimming pricing targets the upper class where people are willing to pay the differential price for the products belonging to high brands. On the contrary, penetrating price does not target this segment and it pays attention to the customers who are willing to get products with lower prices. One of the reasons that differentiate penetrating from skimming strategy is the customer’s product demand.

Although, this strategy usually does not lead to high profits in the beginning it can create a loyal customer base. The strategy works by first increasing the demand of customers for the product. Market penetration pricing is normally adopted for new products or services to make their place in the market. Penetration pricing and price skimming are marketing strategies commonly implemented when companies launch new products or services.

Skimming Pricing means a pricing strategy wherein the firm set high price for the product at its introduction stage so as to receive maximum profit. ObjectPenetrate the market.Skim the creamMarginLowHighDemandPrice ElasticPrice InelasticSalesBulk quantities is sold because of low price.Small quantity is sold due to high price.

Penetration Vs Skimming Marketing Strategies

Penetration pricing can prevent competitors from cutting into your market at lower price points. If your upfront price is low and your product or service is of reasonable quality, the burden falls on other providers to justify higher prices on similar offerings. With skimming, the door is left open for subsequent competitors to undercut your Penetration Vs Skimming Marketing Strategies prices and defeat your ability to generate revenue and profits from early adopters. A superior product may offset the ability of competitors to attract quality-hungry customers who prefer your offering. However, penetration pricing may continue to see limited profits because the company doesn’t target customers willing to pay high prices.

Skimming marketing strategies are extremely effective for technological products, where the demand is not consistent, and customers are lower price-sensitive and ready to pay higher prices. However, for several companies, penetration marketing strategies are the favored approach to draw and retain customers. Penetration pricing relies on a low upfront price to attract customers. At the same time, price skimming is when high upfront prices are used to capitalize on short-term profits from the most interested and willing customers. The penetration pricing strategy works best when the products or services are best suited to a mass market, like a subscription. They start with the price demanded by consumers and create offerings at that price. If you shop before the holidays, you might see a table of different products being sold for $5 and another table of products being sold for $10 .

What are the 8 reading strategies?

  • Activating and Using Background Knowledge.
  • Generating and Asking Questions.
  • Making Inferences.
  • Predicting.
  • Summarizing.
  • Visualizing.
  • Comprehension Monitoring.

Is a short-term tactic designed to get people into a store or to purchase more of a product. Examples of promotional pricing include back-to-school sales, rebates, extended warranties, and going-out-of-business sales. Rebates are a great strategy for companies because consumers think they’re getting a great deal.


Therefore, you have to make doubly sure you have sufficient reserve resources to maintain the ongoing operation of the business. The use of penetration pricing aims to lure a bigger portion of customers away from your competitors. More specifically, you can use a better mix of product benefits and a lower price to entice the even minimally pleased consumers with the current items. You may not see this in skimming, which normally results in a small initial consumer segment, with broader market reach at a future lowered price.

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