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Client reference “Everybody from Intellias has done a great job, and their work has received positive feedback from our team, investors, and third-party partners. They’re a good company, and I’ve enjoyed their professionalism. I’m working with various agencies for this project, and some of them don’t communicate at all. Intellias has built an advanced live platform for cargo transportation to manage truck fleets using the latest location technologies and IoT connectivity. The solution comprises freight search and real-time visibility features to streamline orders to carriers and facilitate efficient route planning.

Our experts can provide the much needed customized management solution for your business. Cloud-based transportation management systems do not require additional hardware, so the initial investment is much lower. Another significant benefit is that all participants in the transportation process can access the system quickly and easily from any geographic location. We create customized navigation software to improve vehicle tracking and location identification and air, land, and sea navigation.

Our credible QA team understands the potential industry challenges in implementing tech solutions. Our team has in-depth experience in different testing tools and procedures to ensure end-to-end optimization of solutions. OSP’s custom freight and transportation management software services focus on real-time vehicle tracking, order/shipment management, and route optimization with fleet management. Logistics & Transportation companies have many branches and subdivisions with their peculiar process and zones of responsibility. True to its nature, logistic software development solutions at Prismetric offer you a 360-degree omnipotent tool that houses everything your logistic business needs. Let it be supply chain, inventory management, customer engagement, and live tracking.

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We had the challenge to find a trustworthy outsourcing company that we could rely on. Previous attempts ended badly and we needed to find a company that had the skills, good communication and was fair on price. We chose Relevant Software because we felt that they understood our business needs. The reason we worked with Relevant Software is that they were very proactive about getting information from us.

OSP’s custom supply chain software services include procurement and product life cycle management along with forecasting and managing returns. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Use the power of artificial intelligence to create applications that can predict demand, modify orders, and re-route in-transit goods to warehouses where needed. With AI-powered applications warehousing, predictive analytics, smart reporting and intelligent forecasting will evolve to the next level. SumatoSoft succeeded in building a more manageable solution that is much easier to maintain. Although they are a small team, their project management reflects the excellence of a larger company.

  • Conduct detailed research to understand what features you need and how they will impact your business.
  • Video surveillance cameras and sensors use IoT to detect thefts or losses in a warehouse.
  • We can provide you with route optimization tools that can predict traffic based on previous situations or data, and help you with the fastest/shortest route possible.
  • Rest assured that your intellectual property and personal data are secure and protected according to compliance requirements.
  • Exceptional organizational, project and people management skills.

As a leading logistics app development company, our logistics management system development experts ensure efficiency and reliability throughout the development process and beyond. We are known to deliver quality process solutions signed with your business strategy. Your business must operate naturally in a data-rich environment where you can manage customer demands, vehicles and assets, warehouses, and inventories. As a transport software development company, we provide next-gen data science and analytics services for smart and automated data management. The current logistics industry adopting mobile apps often look for an intuitive, user-friendly design. With a user-friendly interface, companies can achieve seamless customer experience and better results.

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Cold chain management is another blockchain solution available in transportation management systems that is useful when different temperatures must be maintained at various checkpoints along the supply chain. Perishable or temperature-sensitive materials and products, for example, may require a cool temperature in the truck but a slightly higher temperature on store shelves. The temperature can be monitored throughout the supply chain with cold chain management, with real-time information provided to the business and regulators in the country of origin. Freight transportationTransporting products and/or components to their destination point consumes two-thirds of total logistics costs. Transport logistics software optimizes transportation costs and improves efficiency of customer service.

The increasing development of digital technologies, such as mobile, the Internet of Things, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, facilitates the vigorous growth of the global TMS market. It happens because the software for the logistics industry incorporates numerous emerging technologies and provides significant business value, so more and more companies opt for its introduction. In providing the best logistics software development services, we strive to promote technological innovations that make your company more competitive and your brand more recognizable. Our team has in-depth knowledge of AIS software, including QuickBooks, Sage and SAP. We have integrated AIS software with ERP and smart business intelligence applications for startup and enterprises with our logistics software development. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies can improve the efficacy of Transportation and logistics software solutions developed by developers at Prismetric.

logistics software development

Different logistics management software programs provide additional features, depending on the type of program and the company’s needs. Parcel Audit Software developed by logistics software development company allows companies to identify billing errors and delivery inconsistencies, track carrier performance and recover related costs. Our logistics software development solutions improve the way businesses within the logistics industry are able to plan and execute the delivery and shipment of their products. Turnkey location solutions take you ahead of your competitors thanks to the ability to plan demand for your services, find optimal routes and avoid traffic jams, and reduce workloads to keep drivers fresh for the next job. You can integrate your logistics software solutions directly with your end customers’ business apps to avoid inconsistencies in shipment and transit schedules as well as integrate with field services to plan maintenance. Any company that has business operations such as manufacturing goods conducts various processes to meet the consumer and market demands.

Logistics Software Development Solutions

Identify usability issues, discuss UX improvements, and radically improve your digital product with our UX review sessions. Proven track record building and launching successful and innovative, scalable programs. After generating a briefing pack, the pilot sends the pack to flight authorities for approval. Angular Fast, flexible, scalable Web apps are possible with ‘batteries-included’ approach. Discovery Phase Eliminated risks of irrelevant software and scope creep. The Rivalfox had the pleasure to work with SumatoSoft in building out core portions of our product, and the results really couldn’t have been better.

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Logistics software development services.

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Streamline your business operations, improve your team productivity, and bring more conversions with powerful logistics and transportation CRM software. Ascendix has 26 years of experience in CRM consulting, which positions us a trustworthy partner ready to help implement, configure, customize, and adopt CRM systems of any scale. Reach high scalability, enhance security, and reduce maintenance costs for your on-demand mobility business.

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This segment will develop rapidly in spite of the economic crisis and COVID-19 pandemic because goods delivery and online shopping are not losing their positions and customers require more convenient conditions. Deutsche Post DHL, for instance, highlights that traditionally, TMSs were accessible to large companies only because of the complexity and enormous time and money expenses required to implement the software. However, new technologies, applications and integration capabilities significantly simplify transport management platforms and make them suitable for companies of different sizes. Logistics software is critical for shippers and logistics providers scaling delivery operations. Logistics software programs allow companies to optimize their processes, save money, create happy customers, minimize risk, etc.

Increase revenue and automate workflows using intuitive logistics and supply chain solutions. It’s always interesting to read about your practical use cases. Thanks for sharing the information on your logistics and transportation projects, it adds value to your company’s reputation. As a result of our work, the customer received a scalable solution with enhanced functionality, reliable performance and improved user experience. The automation of logistics processes implies that systems will generate a lot of real-time data. Accordingly, all the participants must have unlimited access to the system at any time, from any place and from any connected device to get the data, analyze it and make instant decisions.

logistics software development

Our team participates in various conferences and meetings devoted to the latest innovations and updates in industry standards. The Cleveroad experts apply new approaches and technologies in projects to make innovations serve our customers’ business goals and needs. Creating bespoke SCM and logistics solutions counting customer’s business processes, industry standards and unique UI/UX designs.

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Decide on the modules and tools that will be included in the system based on the functions you want to automate and create a draft. Chatbots are digital assistants that provide immediate, conversational responses to shipment information, resulting in higher customer satisfaction. Internet of things devices and sensors enable real-time fleet monitoring, including in-transit visibility of driving conditions, routes, and assets. Companies can save money on fuel and maintenance while reducing delays and improving driver safety. Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering or proven experience-based equivalent Contact Suzaan du Toit on , quoting the .

LeewayHertz has successfully built a drug supply chain network running on blockchain for TraceRx. UNO can trace the distribution of free drugs and identify inefficiency and losses using TraceRx. Built on HyperLedger blockchain with end-to-end transparency resulting in reduced cost of distribution.

logistics software development

Here we present you the objective-oriented product that you’d love to use. Our asset tracking experts craft custom logistics solutions for efficient tracking and management of your assets such as heavy equipment, tools, vehicles etc. Our asset and logistics tracking software helps with asset performance management, computerized maintenance, warehouse management, integrated workplace management, smart inventory management, and so much more. Streamline your warehouse shipping logistics software operations, view export shipment reports, automate billing upon shipments, optimize multiple warehouses shipment records, all via our shipment management software solutions.

Connect with us on and Register your CV to create a profile or to view all our Jobs in Information Technology. We help you digitally transform and scale your business through the power of technology and innovation. Seamlessly integrate branding, functionality, usability and accessibility into your product. We enhance user interaction and deliver experiences that are meaningful and delightful. Define your product strategy, prioritize features and visualize the end results with our strategic Discovery workshops. Validate assumptions with real users and find answers to most pressing concerns with Design Sprint.

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We assure our custom apps are reliable, secured, and offer an unbeatable experience. Intellias will establish a framework for remote communication between your in-house team and your remote transportation management application development team at the start of the project. In order to allocate a sufficient amount of time for initial team alignment and knowledge transfer, the Intellias team will adjust their work schedule to achieve a better time overlap. We will communicate using the tools you prefer for staying in touch with your professional transportation software development company. Problems related to logistics and transport software solutions cannot be solved without a strong digitalization strategy. Logistics software development companies can provide all necessary tools for logistics providers, but even ready-made fleet management solutions require proper customization and integration with your internal processes.

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Meeting with some of the Relevant team in London, we were impressed by their approach. Our world-class developers and designers can help automate your everyday tasks, provide real-time updates, reduce redundancy and do everything possible to streamline your workflow process. We keep the focus on niche industry expertise we can share with you to help you thrive within fierce competition.

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Artificial intelligence Talk to our AI specialists and business analysts to get a free project strategy and roadmap. Banking With a deep understanding of the banking domain, we’ll help you meet your customer needs. If you want to experience this app on iOS, please contact us to be added to the test environment. Utilizing Google Chrome extensions is a clever way to increase your creative productivity if Google Chrome is your…

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